Friday, December 3, 2010

A little bit of Paris

As promised, I'm blogging Paris. What a beautiful place. My flight was thankfully uneventful. Somewhat worried about the flight home, but what choice do I have.
Today I walked along with Sandy from France Journeys (, her daughter Nicole and our sweet guide Jodi just about all of Paris. What a wonderful experience even though I'm paying for it now with sore muscles and throbbing feet, I'll most likely do it all over again tomorrow, I expected beautiful but I had no idea. This place rocks! The people here, contrary to popular belief, are very nice. The Metro is quite an experience. People packed in like sardines. I really don't like traveling under ground. Gives me the creeps.
I hope you enjoy a small sample of where we were today. I'm so tired, I will continue this tomorrow. d


Breena said...

wow these images are awesome!!!

Peggy Colton said...

Debbie, Thanks for the beautiful pictures,most of us will never make it to Paris! Thanks for letting us see Paris thur your eyes and lens! Thanks, be safe! Love, Peggy