Thursday, May 26, 2011

My new project

Hi all, Just a quick note to let you know what's going on here at Caught in the Act. We are really starting to get busy. Love being able to photograph outside. If you haven't been following us on Facebook, we are offering some great specials. I'll post later some sample images so you know kind of what to expect. We are also running a Family Picnic Special here on our lake. Lots of stuff happening. Call us if you have any questions.
I wanted to let you know about a new project I'm super excited about. I had a meeting with Katie from Whaley Childrens Center this week. For 8 years I've been wanting to put this project together, finally it's a go, I will be teaching a class to a group of children at Whaley on photography. My goal is to inspire them to tell their story through photography. If you're not familiar with Whaley, please visit their link on our facebook page. This center has helped so many children for so many years. I was very impressed with their facility and their staffs obvious love of children. Most of these children have lived through things most of us could never even imagine. They need a reason to be. I can't wait to get started. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My promise to all of you

I have been so lax in keeping up with this blogging thing, I truly regret this and promise to do better. Life got a little distracted for while, but I'm back. Technology is a good thing but quite time consuming. Don't get me wrong, I love doing it but eking out the time is a challenge. I will prevail.
So I truly hope your Spring is going well. The weather has been interesting to say the least. We live in Michigan after all, I should be use to it by now.
I've finally decided to take some me time and plan a trip to photograph for me. I'm so excited. I'll be searching for old farm houses, barns, and out buildings to paint. Ron, my husband, is driving. He'd better be in the mood for stopping on a dime. I need to get that promise out of him before we leave. I'm working on an exhibit of my art. I'll be sure to pass along when and whereas soon as this is set in stone. I've also got a few projects in the works. I'll be blogging about them soon. Giving back has been on my mind for years now and I'm so excited about what's on the horizon. I'll be posting with all the details soon.
Right now I'm working on a painting of my sweet adorable granddaughter Willow. I'll post as soon as it's complete.
Hope you all are enjoying life with your families and friends and making all your dreams come true. Be back soon d