Saturday, June 21, 2014

Just to let those know that would like to comment (and by the way, I wish you all would) I believe you need to have a google account. If anyone knows different please let me know. I've just heard from some that they couldn't comment unless they had an account with google. I'd like to fix this if possible. Anyone know how?
Just to let you know …… I'll be photographing on the beach in Pentwater Michigan July 6-14th. I've been doing these beach excursion to Lake Michigan for over 25 years now. I love the challenge of shooting on the beach, and believe me it is a challenge. Especially with digital. I'll be sure to post while I'm there. If anyone will be in the area and wants a session, let me know. Also…. I plan on giving a class this fall in Northern Michigan on photographing landscapes. Michigan falls are absolutely beautiful. I'm so excited about this class. It will be a three day trip. The last day I will be going over Photoshop actions etc to enhance your images. Call or email me for details. Studio # 810 750 9597 I'll dig up some images from past excursions and post soon. Enjoy this beautiful Summer.
Some of my fav images of Willow

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Okay as promised the story of Elijah and Poppy. The day Ron (my husband, Elijah's Poppy] was scheduled for a test at the hospital to find out why he was having chest pains (for over a year without letting anyone know}, our daughter called us an hour or so before we were suppose to be there and told us she was having contraptions. Our son in law rushed her to the hospital. While Ron was having his procedure she was in labor at the same hospital. Rons procedure lasted longer than I was told so I was so worried. While our daughter was in labor, the doctor came and told me Ron needed emergency bypass surgery. All your of his arteries were blocked. They needed to do a quad bypass. I walked beside his bed as they wheeled him into the elevator to the or. One of the worst experiences of my life. My daughter was 3 floors down. Her doctor did not want her to know about her father surgery. It seemed like forever before the doctor came and told me Ron was out of surgery. As I walked to the ICU the lullaby song was playing over the loud speaker. Oue Grandson, Elijah was born. The whole time I was waiting for Ron to come out of surgery I was thinking God takes away and gives. I thought Ron would be taken, but he lived. Our 1st Grandchild was born at the very minute my husband was coming out of surgery. Our family was so blessed. Elijah is so special to all of us. He is an old soul. Ron and him have had a special bond since he was born. Needless to say Ron was so touched with what Elijah wrote about him. This type of thing just brings into perspective what life is (or should be) all about. Life is about love of family and friends. We all have become desensitized. We don't talk to our love ones, we text them or Facebook them. We are so busy trying to eek out a living that we have lost sight of what's really important. Just my opinion. Just saying…...