Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring is springing

Can't you just feel it coming, Spring that is. We are all so ready for warmer weather and the sun! It's been a long Winter. I've been trying to decide what landscaping project to tackle this year. I'm thinking I want to enlarge my waterfall area, put a picket fence around the potting shed, plant some trees, of course sprucing up all the planting beds, etc. Sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it. I lost my grounds keeper. Sure didn't realize how much work he actually did, now I've got to find a new one. Know of anyone I should consider? They must have a good work ethic as I do not have time to babysit.
We are running lots of Specials this year. Check out our fan page on facebook to see all the details. The next Kidz Mini is Swing into Spring-Sat. March 23-26 only. Right now we have a few appointments left so call soon if you want to get in on this Special.
Our Beach Excursion is going to be in Arcadia (30 miles S of Traverse City) July 9-16th. I'm only photographing 10 families. Two a day, sunrise & sunset. As it stands right now we have 6 appointments left. Call us soon.

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