Monday, September 18, 2017

Hi all, I know it's been awhile. Life gets in the way sometimes.. I feel the need to bring up this subject: Let me know your thoughts. I've been photographing children for 30+ years and what has been bothering me is that boys don't get photographed like girls do. Why is that? I'm really serious. It's rather sad. So I thought I'd challenge myself to come up with fun, out of the box Boy specials. Hence my Tom Sawyer-Huck Finn Special for boys. I had a raft built that actually floats. I made a sail (that really works) and photographed a couple of boys to show off the Special. Crickets…. Now I just finished a Girls Fall Fairy Special that booked up in just a few days. See what I mean? I use to have a Kidz Club years ago, maybe I should start another. Stay tuned. I'm putting some thought into this.

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