Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring is coming

I can't wait to get outside and photograph. It's been a long winter even though we haven't suffered with the cold and snow we normally get. For some reason I just can't convince anyone to be photographed in the snow, not sure why. We all live in Michigan after all, maybe next year. Bring on the warm weather. I'm so ready. Right now I've got to decide what landscaping project to tackle for spring and summer. Anybody got any ideas? Comment and share please. This Spring the outside of the studio gets painted. I've put it off long enough. My dear husband will be the laborer. He's not only the best singer-drummer around, he's also a meticulous painter. The lobby's going to go through a makeover soon also. I think I'm going to keep the green just add more purple. Looking for different furnishings, not having much luck but will keep trying.
Think Spring everyone. It's going to be a great Spring and Summer. We've got some great Mini's and Specials planned. If you haven't had a chance to check out our Happenings Flyer, call us we'll send you one. Remember to make sure we have your email address and your children's birthdays.

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