Friday, April 13, 2012

Willow came to work today

I just finished some new dress designs and accessories to match. I forgot how much I love sewing and designing childrens clothing. What a perfect day for Willow to come to work. She graciously agreed to model Mimi's new stuff. I can't wait to photograph these new designs on the beach this July. Comment please and let me know what you think. d


Nina said...

your pictures are so beautiful.I love taking photos and do you have any secrets how to make a better photo?
I will post some of my photos on my blog soon (tomorrow) and please go check them out.

Фрэнни said...

All these photos are extremely cute)

Charmaine said...

Wow.. I just happened to come across your blog, but I really like your photos. Especially the first one, with the dreamy-like background.

It really brings up a fantasy-like image for me. ^^

happynesshere4ever said...

supercute photos! :)

happynesshere4ever said...

Super cute pictures! :)