Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Computer malfunction

Okay so guess what happened. Last Friday my computers motherboard decided to check out. Yes, I said "CHECK OUT"! I immediately started sweating when I discovered that my display was blank and wouldn't get unblanked. I mean to tell you I was freaking out cuz even though I preach to all of you about backing up and using an external drive, some of my stuff wasn't. I had a panic attack. When I got myself back together, I called a few computer experts and decided I had to fix this, with their help of course. My brother in law Marco saved the day. He knows Macs in and out. I took him my computer and he was able to get everything off the hard drive. I didn't loose anything. I did, though, loose my precious computer that I truly loved. It would have cost too much to put in a new motherboard, so I ended up buying another MacBook Pro. I'm up and running, thanks to Marco, and have learned an important lesson. BACK UP!!!! ALWAYS!!!

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