Monday, July 23, 2012

Location Wedding Coming up ..... It's been awhile since I have photographed a wedding. I quit taking on weddings because of the stress, Breena worked hard at convincing me to go for it. Weddings make for a long day and a whole lot of work, camera and computer. When approached with this location outdoor wedding taking place in Maddison Wisconsin I thought "why not". Breens'a coming to assist. We're excited about the road trip. We decided to drive because of the equipment I plan on taking. According to the bride to be's mother it's going to be a long one, 8 hours. We leave Friday and return Sunday. I will be posting about our drive and the wedding. I've got all these visions of images I want to capture. If I end up enjoying this, I will be taking on more. Keep checking the blog for updates.

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