Friday, July 27, 2012

Okay, I know. I said weddings are not my thing and here I am, in Madison Wisconsin getting prepared to photograph a wedding tomorrow. Yes you heard me right. I know... Funny thing...I'm geeked. I'm really looking forward to capturing memories for the bride and groom and their friends and families. Well, need my rest. Going to be a long day tomorrow. By the way. Chicago was bumper to bumper traffic. I thought I'd run out of gas before I found a gas station. Note to self to find a different way home. Check back for wedding updates.


Peggy Wolf said...

Love your work! I'm a retired photographer who had a studio in New Orleans back in the film and darkroom days. Specializing in headshots and composites for aspiring actors and models, I, too, was never keen on doing weddings. I did consent to one because it was too weird to pass up. The couple got married on Halloween night and the guests came in costume. Crazy fun.

I stumbled across your blog after making an entry to mine.

LT said...

Hey, where are you're wedding updates? ;)